Ryan E Philipoff from R&N PILOT SERVICES LLC Escort Review by James Tandy

James Tandy
Ryan E Philipoff
Not a reliable escort. Called the night before the move. Was told we will leave after curfew at 9am. He called the morning of about 7AM and asked what time. Was told again at 9Am. He wanted it at 11 or noon said not at 9AM. Said can not make it until 9:30 or 10AM if he left now. Did not show until noon.
Lots of excuses or lies.
Went to fuel up and now that we have a very late start. Do not have time to play around. As I started fueling he said he was going to go get gas. Thought he already did that but ok. Did not come back for over 30 minutes.
Called dispatch and told them I am letting him go at the line. Will not use him again.
Last time we used him a while ago we parked for the night and he never came back. Left us hanging in a bad way. Needed two escorts ended up having to roll with only one because he left without saying anything.