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Full-sized, well-appointed cabin on the main deck level of a motoryacht, convertible or megayacht used for entertaining.
A large sailboat with two or more masts where the foremast is shorter than aft mainmast.
Sea Cock
A valve in an opening through a ship's hull below or near the waterline (especially one connecting a ship's engine-cooling system to the sea).
Mast support rigging, usually a wire, that runs from the mast to the side of the boat.
A small, simple, shallow-draft boat.
A boat berth between two piers or floats. Also, the slight loss of efficient power delivery as a propeller spins in the water.
A single-masted sailboat in which the mast is set forward of midships.
The deck floor.
Masts, booms, gaffs and poles used in sailboat rigging.
The right side of the boat looking toward the bow.
A room with sleeping quarters, a cabin.
Wire, rod or other rigging that runs fore and aft of the mast.
The most forward section of the hull.
Stepped Hull
A high-performance hull design with lateral notches, or steps, in the keel.
Aft portion of a boat.
Stern Drive
Propulsion system composed of an inboard engine connected to a steerable drive unit extending through a cut-out in the transom.
Small linear protrusions that run longitudinally on both sides of the keel to give a planing hull lift and lateral stability.
Internal beams and braces that give a fiberglass hull structural support.
Stuffing box
On a boat having an inboard motor that turns a shaft attached to an external propeller, the shaft passes though a stuffing box, also called a "packing box" or "stern gland". The stuffing box prevents More ...
Any type of structure that is above deck is considered the superstructure of a boat. It is important to note that the rigging is not considered part of the superstructure.
Swim Platform
A wide platform at the transom equipped with a ladder to help ease the effort of reboarding after going into the water.
Short, aluminum tower with overhead canvas to protect the helm.
A fitting or object that goes all the way through a hull
An electronic sensing device mounted in a boat's bilge or at the bottom of the transom to provide data for a depth sounder.
The rear section of the hull connecting the two sides.
A pleasure boat more than 25 feet in length with a displacement hull.
Trim Tabs
Hydraulically adjusted horizontal plates located on the bottom of the transom that control the trim angle of a boat at speed.
A type of boat with three side-by-side hulls, the center of which is usually larger with crew accommodations.
Propulsion system where the drive shaft initially runs forward into a gear box and then runs aft and down through the hull. The driveline forms a V-shape with the gear box at the pivot point.
The intersection of the hull and the surface of the water.
Wing Keel
The wing is another shoal alternative to the deep fin. Instead of one bulb at the keel bottom, the wing has two bulbs laterally offset and connected via lead airplane wings. Or the wing is a thick foil of lead without bulbs.
Zinc Anodes (Zincs)
Small pieces of zinc that attach to metal boat and engine components to help protect them from corrosion due to electrolysis, an effect caused when dissimilar metals are placed in a saltwater solution.