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Also known as the gunwale, this is an edge along the side of a boat. It works to add to the structure and provide strength to the overall design.
The upper edge of the side of a boat.
Line used to hoist a spar or sail.
A large fiberglass roof or platform over the helm area.
A deck opening.
Hawse pipe
Fittings in the deck or gunwale through which the anchor rode or dock lines run
Toilet facilities or room where they are located.
Any sail set forward of the mast.
Area of a boat where operational controls are located.
Holding Tank
Storage tank for gray water
A large, flat-bottom boat with square sides and house-like characteristics, such as comfortable furniture and living accommodations.
The structural body of the boat that rests in the water.
Inboard engine
An internal combustion engine often mounted amidships that runs a drive shaft through the hull bottom.
Jack Plate
A mounting device for an outboard motor that enables operators to vertically raise or lower the motor, thereby controlling propeller depth in the water.
Jet Boat
A boat powered by an engine with a water-pump used to create propulsion.
Triangular sail projecting ahead of the mast.
The bottom-most portion or longitudinal centerline of a hull.
A sailboat similar in appearance to a yawl with a tall main mast and a shorter mizzen mast ahead of the rudder post.
Safety lines on deck that are grabbed to prevent falling overboard.
Length overall; the distance between the most forward part of the boat and the most aft part.
Lower Unit Gearcase Gear Housing
It provides mechanical support for the moving components, a mechanical protection from the outside world for those internal components, and a fluid-tight container to hold the lubricant that bathes those components.
The leading edge of a sail.
The largest regular sail on a sailboat.

Vertical spar that supports sails.
A large, luxurious yacht, typically longer than 100 feet
Mizzen Mast
A shorter mast located aft of the main mast on a yawl or ketch.
A boat with a single hull.
A hybrid boat that has sails and powerful engines.
A large powerboat greater than 40 feet with luxurious interior accommodations for long-range cruising
A boat with more than one hull, such as a catamaran or trimaran.
Outboard Bracket
Support device for mounting outboard engines that extends aft of the transom.
Outboard Motor
Internal combustion engine mounted at the transom that incorporates motor, driveshaft and propeller.
The lower unit of a stern-drive motor that houses the drive gears and to which the propeller fastens.
Poles designed to spread out fishing lines and keep them from tangling while trolling.
Pilot House
A fully enclosed helm compartment.
Planing Hull
A boat hull designed to ride on top of the water rather than plowing through it.
Pleasure Boating
Recreational day boating in runabouts, deck boats, pontoon boats, bowriders and sportboats.
Pontoon Boat
A type of boat with a flat deck attached to airtight flotation tubes or logs.
The left side of a boat when facing the bow. Also, a marina harbor or commercial dock.
A rotating multi-blade device that propels a boat through the water.
Forward deck and railing structure at the bow of a boat.
Living and sleeping areas of a vessel.
A sailboat designed primarily for speed and competition with a minimum of built-in creature comforts.
Racing Sailboat
Sailboat and yacht racing is a form of sport involving sailing yachts and larger sailboats.
RIB (rigid inflatable boat)
An inflatable boat fitted with a rigid bottom.
Wire cables, rods, lines, hardware and other equipment that support and control the mast and spars.
Protective outer bumper that runs around the boat at the point where the top deck meets the hull.
Underwater fin mounted below the hull near the stern that controls boat steering.
Sail Drive
A saildrive is a transmission system for a boat whose inboard engine has a horizontal output shaft. The saildrive's input shaft is therefore also horizontal. 
A boat that is at least partially propelled by capturing the force of wind in sails.