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The back part of a ship or boat
The middle part of a ship or boat.
An anchor is a heavy item that is dropped down into the water, touching the bottom of the body of water and securing the vessel. Usually, the anchor is made up of a ring at one end for attaching the l More ...
Anti-fouling paint
A special paint applied to a boat's hull to prevent marine growth.
The direction toward or beyond the stern.
A support for the mast to keep it from falling forward.
The widest part of a ship from one side to the other.
A place to sleep aboard a boat. Also, a boat slip.
The bottom inside part of a ship where dirty water collects.
Bimini Top
A canvas cover over the helm or cockpit area
Vertical post extending above the deck to secure docking lines.
one of the flat parts of a propeller that spins around and pushes a boat forward.
A long pole fixed to the bottom of a boat’s sail, that is used for changing the direction of the sail.
The front part of a ship or boat.
Bow Eye
A stainless steel U-bolt on a boat's bow stem used to secure tow lines or trailer winch hooks.
A long pole that sticks out from the front of a ship.
The part of a ship from which it is controlled.
Bulb Keel
A keel, usually made with a high aspect ratio foil, that contains a ballast-filled bulb at the bottom, usually teardrop shaped.
The bulb is a shoal draft fin keel. Basically, you saw off a deep fin kee
More ...
Canting Keel
The latest and oddest in performance is the canting keel. A canting keel mounts on a hinge
A winch used for hauling heavy objects such as anchors.
A twin hulled boat, either power or sail.
Small, simple sailboat with one mast and sail set far forward.
Center Console Boat
Fishing boat with the helm station located amidships for maximum walk-through space around the perimeter of the boat.
Centerboard Keel
A keel-like pivoting device, typically in a trunk, that can be lowered or raised to act as a keel.
Portion of the hull where the bottom and sides intersect (can be rounded or angled).
Clam Shell Vent
clamshell vents are commonly used to vent bilges or as intake air supplements for active vents.
Hardware piece on a boat or a dock to which lines are attached.
Coach Roof
The roof of the cabin on a small boat.
A raised edge, as around the cockpit or around a hatchway, to keep water out.

Deck space for the crew of a boat, typically recessed.
Entryway from the deck to the belowdeck cabin area.
Single-masted sailboat similar to a sloop, but with the mast farther aft to allow for a double headsail.
A keel-like device that is manually raised and lowered vertically without using a hinge.
A small crane used to hoist a boat or dinghy or other object.
Deep Fin Keel
By a fin, I refer to a simple deep keel that's length is less than 50% of the hull.
A hull shape characterized by a sharp deadrise, typically more than 20 degrees.
A small sailboat often raced that can be sailed on and off a beach. Also a tender, either rowed or equipped with power, used to go to and from a larger vessel.
Direct Drive
An engine configuration in which the drive shaft runs in a straight driveline through the bottom of the hull.
Vertical distance a boat penetrates the water.
Made of plastic or rubber, the fenders prevent a vessel from moving onto a pier. They prevent damage to the boat as well as the pier should the two come into contact with each other.
Fin Keel
A keel shaped like the fin of a fish that is shorter and deeper than a full-length keel.

Flat-Bottom Boat
Type of boat or hull shape with very little or no deadrise.
Fly Bridge
Raised, second-story helm station, often located above the primary helm
Located at the front of a boat.
Vertical distance between the waterline and the top of the hull side.
Full Keel
A full keel by definition runs the length of at least 50% of the hull. The forward edge curves vertically while the aft edge often connects to a rudder.
Rolling or folding a sail on its boom.
The kitchen area on a boat.
A combination of resin and pigment that comprises the smooth outside coating of a fiberglass boat.